Level 1 Practical - Basic MLD


Four days of intensive hands-on training in the original Dr Vodder techniques, stationary circles, pump, scoop and rotary technique. Effective lymph drainage sequences are learned for all superficial lymphatic drainage regions. The fundamental effects of MLD on lymph vessels, connective tissue and other body systems are discussed.

This is a full immersion into the most superficial layers of the body - skin, subcutaneous tissue and lymph vessels. You will learn how to very precisely create the correct degree of shearing force in the tissues to achieve the unique effects of  Dr Vodder's technique. 100% attendance is required and it is recommended that you practice in the evenings.

This course is a pre-requisite for any Level 2, Level 3, or Advanced Neck & Face Practical.

Course fees

Level 1 Practical (4-days)

  • AUD 1150 - 1450

  • NZD 1225 - 1500

Fees may vary by location.


  • Printed workbook 

  • Demonstration videos 

  • International Certificate

  • After-course mentoring

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