Specialist Lymph Taping Courses accredited by Medical Taping Concept
Certificate in MTC Lymph Taping


For qualified or experienced lymphatic therapists*, this is a fully hands on workshop which includes the theory and evidence for lymph taping in lymphoedema management and other lymphatic pathologies.


The most up to date applications of lymph taping are taught including seroma, breast oedema and the potential use of lymph taping as an alternative to compression. Attention to the correct and skilful application of #CureTape for lymphatic indications is reinforced during case based taping of fellow class members throughout both days.

100% attendance is required in face-to-face sessions and participants receive a Certificate from Medical Taping Concept, Netherlands.


Automatic CPD points

  • ALA LCPD - 20 points

  • Massage and Myotherapy Australia - 30 points

  • ATMS - 15 points


#CureTape, #PunchTape and scissors are supplied. #CureTape is the tape of choice for lymphoedema.

Enrolment is open to persons who have a lymphatic or demonstrated experience in lymphoedema management*.

* Evidence of the relevant qualification is required with registration.


Advanced Lymph Taping (Online Course/beta-test mode)


For graduates of the MTC Lymph Taping Certificate. Learn to teach your clients self-taping and combine your taping skills with compression therapies in multi-modal oedema management for complex cases. 


Participants must show evidence of an MTC Lymph Taping Certificate.*

Please note this course is in beta-tester mode and is not yet finished.
Join the beta-tester group and help direct the development of course content to make it relevant for experienced lymph-tapers.

* Evidence of the MTC Certificate is required with registration.

   Please read the Moving Lymph Registration Terms and Conditions and Cancellation Policy