Frequently asked questions

What are the course fees?

Dr Vodder Courses There is an inital registration fee of $375 which includes

  • access to the Level 1 Online Theory Module with tutorial support
  • certificate of completion​
  • a reserved place in selected Practical classes
Practical class fees are set by the local organiser and may vary by location. The following figures are intended as a guide only
  • Level 1 - $1100 - 1500
  • Level 2 - $1100 - 1500
  • Level 3 - $2500 - 3500
MTC Lymph Taping Courses
  • Lymph Taping Certificate - AUD 650 - 850

How do I register for a course?

To register for a course:

  1. Use Calendar tab or click on an any " Register in.. ." button
  2. Complete the registration form(s) and pay the registration fee(s)
  3. Upload your undergraduate qualifications to the website on the file upload page.
  4. Your registration will be acknowledged via email within 2 business days
  5. If you are regsiterd in Dr Vodders courses you will also recevie a link to access the online theory module (required for all Level 1 Dr Vodder courses)

What are the pre-requisites for the courses?

The Dr Vodder Certificates in Applied MLD, MLD and CDT, and the MTC Lymph Taping Certificate are post graduate courses for health professionals, therefore an appropriate undergraduate qualification in a relevant therapy is required. Usually, but not restricted to,

  • remedial massage therapy
  • physiotherapy
  • occupational therapy
  • registered nurse
  • medical practitioner
  • beauty therspist (Aesthetician)
Current students in a suitable undergraduate copurse may study the Dr Vodder courses concurrently. You can find more information under the student information tab here. See the full list of Acceptable Qualifications for entrance into our Health Care Professional training program here. If you have a different qualification, please send specific details so that Jan can assess your eligibility.

What course materials are supplied?

Certificate in Applied MLD

  • access to the online theory module
  • access to the online practical videos
  • printed instruction for the techniques and sequences
Certificate in MLD & CDT
  • access to the online theory module
  • access to the online practical viodeos
  • printed instructions for the techniques and sequences
  • multilayer bandaging materials
Textbooks are required reading but people often already have them so are not automatically included. read more about course materilas here. Certificate in MTC Lymph Taping
  • enough CureTape to complete all the classroom exercises
  • CureTape scissors
  • printed workbook
  • PDF of the taping applications

Are the Dr Vodder courses recognised by the ALA?

The Dr Vodder Certificate in MLD & CDT (Levels 1 & 3) meet the post graduate requirements as a Level 2 lymphoedema practitioner, however the ALA also have undergraduate, insurance and ongoing education requirements Please see for more information.

Where can I buy the recommended textbooks

Dr Vodder's MLD, A Practical Guide. 2nd Ed Wittlinger 2018

  • e-version from Google Play
  • hard copy also gives access to the e-version
Lymphedema Diagnsios and Therapy. 4th Ed Weisleder & Schuchhardt
  • hard copy only
Hard-copy texts are available from several online book sellers including

What if I have to cancel my registration?

You can read the full Moving Lymph Registration Terms and Conditions and Cancellation Policy here. Breifly

  • The Level 1 Online Theory Course is not refundable.
  • Moving Lymph Online Courses are not refundable.
  • If the organiser cancels a Practical Course, a refund of the Practical Course fee may be made
  • If the particant withdraws from a Practical Course before the confirmation date and does not transfer to another class a partital refund may be made
  • if the particiapnt withdraws from a Practical Course after the confirmation date no refund will be made
  • In amny circumstances Participants will have the option to transfer fees paid to another Practical Course