Course fees


Details on what is included in the course fee for each Level are given on the Course Information page. 


Prices are in AUD for courses held in Australia and in NZD for courses held in New Zealand. All prices include GST where applicable.

Please read the Moving Lymph Cancellation Policy before registering in an courses.

Registration Package 


All courses require an initial registration fee payable to Moving Lymph Pty Ltd.

  • Dr Vodder Courses $375

    • includes the required online theory module

  • MTC Lymph Taping Courses $175​​

    • ​includes the optional online theory course​


Practical Classes​


Practical classes are managed by local Organisers and may vary slightly between centres depending on venue costs, therefore the figures given below are intended as a guide only.

  • Dr Vodder Level 1, 4 days, $1100  - 1500

  • Dr Vodder Level 2, 4 days, $1100  - 1500

  • Dr Vodder Level 3, 9 days, $2500  - 3500

  • Dr Vodder Basic Neck & Face, 2 days $500 - 700

  • Dr Vodder Advanced Neck & Face, 2.5 days $750 - 950

  • MTC Lymph Taping, 2 days, $  650 - 850


Discounts or bonus free textbooks may be offered for registration in consecutive courses or early full payment. If offered, these options can be selected during the registration process.

Please read the Moving Lymph Cancellation Policy here