Moving Lymph Therapist Scholarships 2021

We are actively seeking local Organisers in regional areas and the 2021 Scholarships will be tied to these locations. Local organisers may also be eligible for free training in MLD.

Please email for more information

Certificate in MLD & CDT Scholarship

The intention of this scholarship is to increase access to lymphoedema services in an under-serviced outer regional or remote area within Australia. 


Applications will be accepted from Therapists who

  • Live in an outer regional or remote area within Australia (any green or blue area on the map

  • Have an undergraduate qualification accepted for listing on the NLPR (for eligibility criteria read the NLPR guidelines)

  • Have NO previous training in lymphoedema management

  • Have a current and viable practice, including appropriate insurance and provider numbers

  • Are able to demonstrate a need for lymphoedema services within their local community

  • Are able to complete the Level 3 course at the Gold Coast during August and September 2020

  • Are able to provide their own transport and accommodation to attend all courses


The successful applicant will be expected to provide a report, suitable for a blog post, on their experience of the training at each Level.

Application Information

Applications for the 2021 scholarships will ne announced in the MLD Newsletter.


The application form will ask for a brief description of the community in which you work and how you have determined the need for lymphoedema services limited to one paragraph. If you are short listed for the Scholarship you will be asked to provide further information as follows

  1. A short essay (1 page max) including

    • What experiences led to your interest in lymphoedema and why you consider yourself an appropriate recipient for the scholarship.

    • A detailed description of how you will use your training to fill a need in your local community and a list of any target consumer groups that you have identified.

    • How you plan to integrate lymphoedema services into your current practice.

    • Your five-year career plan.

  2. Letter of support or recommendation from a relevant local health service or information centre. 

    • This may be a health practitioner who is planning to refer to you, or a support group which is poised to spread your name to all members etc. 

    • Please include all names, positions or affiliations and an email address.

  3. A copy of your undergraduate qualification and currency with a professional association. 

  4. A description of how you will record and disseminate your experience of the training (see the expectations below).

  5. A CV and links to any other supporting material.

If you have questions please email

Expectations and Limitations

The demonstrated potential to offer services to an identifiable client group is essential and preference will be given to therapists who live in outer regional or remote communities within Australia.


Scholarship recipients will be expected to share their experience of the training and to show how they are applying their new skills in an area of need. This may be through a written piece such as a blog that can be shared through social media, or by recording a short video of your experience, such as a web diary. Moving Lymph Pty Ltd will have your implicit permission to publish your image and any relevant video material in the public domain. 

The scholarships may not be applied to courses that have been completed or are in progress prior to notification.

Scholarship Terms and Conditions


When you apply for the scholarship you will be asked to indicate your understanding of, and agreement to the following

  • By submitting this application I agree to be registered in the selected Level 1 course and complete the online theory module in advance.

  • Should I not be awarded the scholarship I understand that I will be able to continue or withdraw from the selected course without penalty.

  • Should I fail to achieve the Level 1 certificate I will forfeit the Level 3 part of the Scholarship.

  • By submitting this application I agree to be registered in the Level 3 course on the Gold Coast and provide my own transport and accommodation.

  • I assert that I am available to complete this course between August 25 and September 4 2020 and that if I do not attend this Level 3 course I will forfeit the remainder of the scholarship.

  • Should I not be awarded the scholarship I understand that I will be able to continue or withdraw from the course without penalty. 

  • I understand that the scholarship is awarded solely at the discretion of Moving Lymph Pty Ltd and no correspondence will be entered into after the decision has been published on the Moving Lymph website and Facebook Page.

  • I understanding that acceptance of the scholarship implies the use of my image in announcements of the award, and I agree to provide a high resolution image of myself for use in the public domain. 

  • I agree to provide evidence of my eligibility to apply if requested.