Level 3 Practical - Combined Decongestive Therapy

Two-days of advanced theoretical instruction with Professor Piller on the pathogenesis and management of chronic oedema, and seven-days of intensive hands-on instruction with Koby Blanchfield in the application of MLD and multilayer bandaging. Treatment protocols for primary and secondary lymphoedema, lipoedema and chronic venous insufficiency oedema are taught. Clinical reasoning in the management of lymphoedema in all body parts is taught through case-based exercises. There are pre-reading requirements and100% attendance is in all session is required. It is recommended that you plan to study and practice the techniques each evening.

There are practical assessments on the application of MLD, bandaging techniques, and clinical reasoning, and graduates are awarded the Dr Vodder Certificate in Manual Lymph Drainage & Combined Decongestive Therapy issued by Dr Vodder Schools International.

Course fees

Level 3 Practical (9-days)

  • AUD 3100 - 4350

  • NZD 3180 - 4500

Fees may vary by location.


  • Printed workbook 

  • Full bandaging kit

  • Demonstration videos 

  • International Certificate

Ts & Cs

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A Level 1 (Therapist), or Level 2 Certificate is required. 

If your Level 1 Certificate is dated more than 3 months, or for Level 2 Certificate more than 12 months, prior to the commencement of Level 3 you may be required to attend a Level 1 Review day

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