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There are several courses underdevelopment including

  • Lymphology for Health Occupations

  • Lymph Taping for Health Occupations

These courses are designed for people working in allied health occupations but who do not wish to undergo extensive lymphoedema management training (or who cant access these courses). The courses are not intended to be a lymphoedema qualification, rather each course aim to and each has the aim of increasing awareness and understanding of the lymphatic system and chronic oedema.

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Lymph Taping for Health Occupations (Online Course)


A course for Allied Health Professionals on the role of lymph taping in chronic oedema management. Course content includes the evidence for lymph taping and a description of its effect on chronic oedema and in scar management. Participants gain an appreciation of the defects of lymph taping and learn to identify clients who may benefit from the application of lymph tapes. No taping applications are taught.


Participants who require a certificate of completion for CPD points must provide a copy of their undergraduate qualification.

Please note this course is in beta-tester mode.
Join the beta-tester group and help direct the development of course
content to make it relevant for all allied health professionals.