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Introduction to Lymph Taping

  • 52Weeks
  • 26Steps


History, evolution and research on lymph taping. This course provides a theoretical understanding of kinesiology tapes as applied in Lymph Taping. Health Professionals will gain an appreciation of the the value of elastic taping methods in clinical management of pain, oedema, wound healing and scars. Includes fundamental anatomy, physiology and pathophysiology of the lymphatic system and students will have the opportunity to - Gain a fundamental understanding of the anatomy and physiology of the lymphatic system. - Compare the properties of different kinesiology tapes to asses their quality and properties - Differentiate between taping styles and their purpose - Identify the key features of lymph tapes - Access published literature on the effects of kinesiology and lymph tapes. - Provide feedback on the course material Certificate of Completion for 5 CPE hours. This course is included in the MTC Lymph Taping Certificate.

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