Dr Vodder's Certificate in MLD & Combined Decongestive Therapy


The most comprehensive training available in the treatment and management of all acute and chronic oedemas including lymphoedema, lipoedema, phleboedema and all post surgical-oedemas. 

Graduates are eligible for the Australasian Lymphology Association Accredited Lymphoedema Practitioner Program*
* undergraduate criteria apply, see the ALA website for further information.

There are 3 components​ in this Certificate

Level 1 Online Theory

25 - 40 hours of self-directed study supported by online resources and tutorials. 

Level 1 Practical

4-days of intensive hands on training and practice in the original Dr Vodder method.

Level 3 Practical

9-days of advanced theory and practical in all aspects of chronic oedema management.

How to enrol

  1. Select your course location

  2. Fill in the registration form

  3. Upload your qualification

Enrolment is open to therapists with an eligible qualification, see a list of all eligible qualifications here.

Automatic recognition for CPD points