Dr Vodder's Certificate in MLD & Combined Decongestive Therapy


The most comprehensive training available in the treatment and management of all acute and chronic oedemas including lymphoedema, lipoedema, phleboedema and all post surgical-oedemas. Intensive hands-on training in the application of Dr Vodder's MLD in the context of chronic oedema management and offering complete therapy including manual skills in the application of multi-layer lymphoedema bandaging and garment prescription. 

This qualification is an accredited lymphoedema training program for the purposes of the Australasian Lymphology Association Accredited Lymphoedema Practitioner Program* and meets and exceeds the requirements of all six competencies. 
* undergraduate criteria apply, see the ALA website for further information.


Enrolment is open to therapists with an eligible qualification. 

Successful graduates receive the International Certificate in MLD & CDT issued by the Dr Vodder School International*

There are 3 Course Components​

  • Level 1 Practical

    • 4-days intensive hands-on training

    • The original Dr Vodder MLD techniques 

  • Level 3 Practical

    • 9-days of advanced theory and practical in all aspects of chronic oedema management.



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Automatic recognition for CPD points

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Level 1 Online Theory Module


A thorough grounding in lymphatic anatomy, physiology, pathophysiology, and the known physiological responses to the Dr Vodder method of MLD.  As a post graduate training program for health professionals it is assumed that participants will have an existing clinical framework, and a fundamental understanding of human anatomy, physiology and pathophysiology relevant to their current modality. This course will extend this basic knowledge into specialist information of the lymphatic system and interactions with major body systems. Therefore the following will be assumed

  • A minimum of 100 hours of undergraduate study in human anatomy and physiology


  • Fundamental knowledge of all body systems including

    • circulatory system

    • nervous system

    • immune system

  • Understanding of common medical terminology including

    • ​anatomical directions and planes

    • superficial landmarks of the body

    • common pathological terms such as neuralgia, bursitis, seroma etc.​


If the course is being taken as a part of an enrolment in  Level 1 Practical, a 70% pass is required.

If taken without enrolment in a Level 1 Practical, a Certificate of Completion from #MovingLymphOnline can be downloaded after completing the CPD quiz (50% pass).​


Level 1 Practical - Basic MLD


Four days of intensive hands-on training in the original Dr Vodder techniques, stationary circles, pump, scoop and rotary technique. Effective lymph drainage sequences are learned for all superficial lymphatic drainage regions. The fundamental effects of MLD on lymph vessels, connective tissue and other body systems are discussed.

This is a full immersion into the most superficial layers of the body - skin, subcutaneous tissue and lymph vessels. You will learn how to very precisely create the correct degree of shearing force in the tissues to achieve the unique effects of  Dr Vodder's technique. 100% attendance is required and it is recommended that you practice in the evenings.

This course is a pre-requisite for any Level 2, Level 3, or Advanced Neck & Face Practical.


Level 3 Practical - Basic MLD


Two-days of advanced theoretical instruction with Professor Piller on the pathogenesis and management of chronic oedema, and seven-days of intensive hands-on instruction with Koby Blanchfield in the application of MLD and multilayer bandaging. Treatment protocols for primary and secondary lymphoedema, lipoedema and chronic venous insufficiency oedema are taught. Clinical reasoning in the management of lymphoedema in all body parts is taught through case-based exercises. There are pre-reading requirements and100% attendance is in all session is required. It is recommended that you plan to study and practice the techniques each evening.

There are practical assessments on the application of MLD, bandaging techniques, and clinical reasoning, and graduates are awarded the Dr Vodder Certificate in Manual Lymph Drainage & Combined Decongestive Therapy issued by Dr Vodder Schools International.


Level 1 Review


A one day intensive hands-on review of all the basic techniques and sequences, this is an excellent refresher course for any past Dr Vodder Therapist*. The Level 1 Review will be scheduled on the day before the start of any Level 2 or 3 Practical and is optional when attending consecutive courses.

* Please note that the Level 1 Review does not count towards the Dr Vodder Therapists Recertification 

You must complete all Levels within 2-years of commencing the Level 1 Practical

  • If your Level 1 Certificate is dated more than 6-months previously, you will need to attend the L1 Review before progressing to the next level.

  • If your Level 1 Certificate is dated more than 12-months previously, you will need to repeat Level 1 before progressing to the next level.

  • If your Level 2 Certificate is dated more than 2-years previously, you will need to attend the L1 Review before progressing to Level 3.

  • If your Level 2 certificate is dated more than 4-years previously, will need to either; repeat Level 1, or upgrade to the Certificate in Applied MLD before progressing to Level 3